When we build in a place we build of that place and there is inherently a dialogue between the environment we inhabit and the spaces we build. Because of this relationship, the buildings we create are indivisible from their context. We have a choice in how we respond in this conversation and our role is to make smart choices.

The more informed we are about a material or resource the better we can use it and the better we can synthesize our designs with our environment. We learn from nature to create buildings that perform efficiently and intuitively. This can occur at scales from the local ecosystem to the global environment.

More than many other places, we feel the relationship to our resources in the southwest. Water use is a constant consideration and every resident feels the responsibility to manage it wisely. Meanwhile, many parts of the region see such an abundance of sunlight that capturing that energy for our use has become a major industry of the region.

We seek for our designs to be intelligent and responsible voices in this dialogue while we create memorable, contextual, performative space that speaks in the cadence of our environment.

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